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Salem Season 3 (2016 / Episode 1) watch full episodes online free: Continuing its bloody, sexy and fantastical reimagining of Colonial America, “Salem’s” third season dawns with the triumph of the witches’ plan to remake the New World by bringing the devil to earth and making Salem his capital. But the devil is a liar, and instead of a New World free from murderous Puritan hypocrisy, his own plan will bring nothing but death and slavery with the ultimate aim of leading humanity to destroy itself. And there’s only one person on earth who can beat the devil — the very witch that birthed him, his mother, Mary Sibley — the only problem is she’s dead. Or is she?

Year: 2016
Runtime: 60 min.
Language: English
Country: USA
Genres: Tv Series / Movies 2016 / Upcoming / Drama / Fantasy / Thriller
Director: Nick Copus
Cast: Janet Montgomery, Shane West, Seth Gabel …

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